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Kosmos by Reha Erdem


Kosmos is a thief who works miracles. He arrives in thistimeless border town from the wilds weeping, as though a fugitive. No sooner is he there than he rescues a small boy from drowning in the river, and is recognized as a man who works miracles.

Kosmos, is a rather uncommon person. He never appears to eat nor sleep. His single form of nourishment is the granulated or lump sugar he consumes by the fistful. One of his more striking skills is the ability to scale the tallest trees with uncommon agility. He is also frank in declaring his wish that startles the townspeople: He is looking for love. Soon Kosmos and Neptun, the teenager sister of the rescued boy, grow closer in the most bizarre of ways: imitating the screech of birds in trees and on rooftops.


•Berlin International Film Festival, Germany (2010): Panorama Special Section - International Premiere

•International Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, Turkey (2009)

•Best Film, Best Director, Best Director of Photography, Special Jury Prize for Sound Design

Turku Turan, Actress, Kosmos

 Reha Erdem, Director, Kosmos

Sermet Yesil, Actor, Kosmos

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