1. Paradise Now 2005 Hany Abu-Assad

2. Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet 2002 Omar Al-Qattan
3. The Sons of Eilaboun 2007 Hisham Zreiq
5. Death in Gaza 2004 James Miller
6. Ford Transit 2002 Hany Abu-Assad
7. The Inner Tour 2001 Ra'anan Alexandrowicz
8. The Olive Harvest 2003 Hanna Elias
9. Chronicle of a Disappearance 1996 Elia Suleiman
10. Divine Intervention - Yadon ilaheyya 2002 Elia Suleiman

11. Tears of Gaza 2010 Vibeke L√łkkeberg

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Anonymous said...

you forgot the best of them all, Wedding in Galilee directed by Michel Khleifi.

Anonymous said...

Lemon Tree is also a great one

Anonymous said...

Lemon Tree is an Israeli film

Anonymous said...

what you forgot:
the real touching "5 broken cameras" by Emad Burnat and Guy David