Best Movies from Jamaica


1. The Harder They Come 1972 Perry Henzell

Ivanhoe Martin comes to the city to make it big singing Reggae. However, he finds life in the city to be harder than he thought, and is taken advantage of by both the record producer and the marijuana boss he later starts dealing for. When he kills a police officer, events start escalating that make him the Jamaica's most wanted man, and a momentary hero to all the oppressed Jamaicans. This is based on a true story.

2. Rockers 1978 Ted Bafaloukos

Harder They Come meets Hard Days Night. No real plot just lots of reggae.

3. Countryman 1982 Dickie Jobson

A young woman crash-lands her plane in Jamaica. A local named Countryman rescues her and leads her away from the authorities, who have fabricated a story about the plane, involving drug and arms smuggling by the CIA, in order to gain popularity in an upcoming election.

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