Best Movies from Norway


1. Pinchcliffe Grand Prix - Flåklypa Grand Prix 1975 Ivo Caprino
2. Little Freddy and his Fiddle - Veslefrikk med fela 1952 Ivo Caprino
3. Karius and Bactus - Karius og Baktus 1954 Ivo Caprino
4. The Ashlad and His Good Helpers - Askeladden og de gode hjelperne 1961 I. Caprino
5.Kon-Tiki 1953 Thor Heyerdahl

6. The Seventh Master of the House - Sjuende far i huset 1966 Ivo Caprino
7. The Frighteners 1996 Peter Jackson
8. Nine Lives - Ni liv 1957 Arne Skouen
9. Lake of the Dead - De dødes tjern 1958 Kåre Bergstrøm
10. Edvard Munch 1974 Peter Watkins
12. Before You Sleep - Fjols til fjells 1957 Edith Carlmar

13. Elling 2001 Petter Næss
14. Pathfinder - Ofelas 1987 Nils Gaup
15. Max Manus 2008 Joachim Rønning
16. Insomnia 1997 Erik Skjoldbjærg
17. The Olsen Gang - Olsen-banden 1969 Knut Bohwim
18. The Bothersome Man - Den brysomme mannen 2006 Jens Lien
19. Kitchen Stories - Salmer fra kjøkkenet 2003 Bent Hamer
20. Reprise 2006 Joachim Trier
21. Zero Kelvin - Kjærlighetens kjøtere 1995 Hans Petter Moland
22. Orion's Belt - Orions belte 1985 Ola Solum
23. Troubled Water - DeUsynlige 2008 Erik Poppe

24. Hawaii, Oslo 2004 Erik Poppe
25. Hamsun 1996 Jan Troell
26. Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced 2000 Espen Eckbo
27. The Art of Negative Thinking - Kunsten å tenke negativt 2006 Bard Breien
28. The Other Side of Sunday - Søndagsengler 2006 Berit Nesheim
29. The Troll Hunter - Trolljegeren 2010 Andre Ovredal

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Raúl Santos López said...

I absolutely loved a 2010 film called King of Devil's Island, by Marius Holst. I think it should get some high place on the list :)