1. Chuchelo 1992 Sergei Davidoff
2. Mongol 2007 Sergei Bodrov
3. Kozara 1962 Veljko Bulajic
4. The Story of the Weeping Camel - Die Geschichte vom weinenden Kamel 2003 B. Davaa
5. The Cave of the Yellow Dog - Die Höhle des gelben Hundes 2005 Byambasuren Davaa
6. State of Dogs 1998 Dorjkhandyn Turmunkh
7.  Tuya's Marriage 2006 Quanan Wang

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Anonymous said...

Another great movie: A Pearl in the Forest (Moilkhon)

Anonymous said...

Chuchelo and Kozara are not Mongolian films. Tuya's marriage is a chinese film in chinese language about Inner Mongolians in China. I suggest you other very great Mongolian films such as Tsogt taij (1945), Mandukhai Khatun (1989), Khadak (2006) and Passion (2010).

Anonymous said...

Kozara is actually a serbian film.