Best Movies from New Zealand


1. The Lord of the Rings (1,2,3) 2001 Peter Jackson
2. King Kong 2005 Peter Jackson
3. Braindead 1992 Peter Jackson
4. Heavenly Creatures 1994 Peter Jackson

5. The Piano 1993 Jane Campion
6. Once Were Warriors 1993 Lee Tamahori
7. The World's Fastest Indian 2005 Roger Donaldson
8. Whale Rider - Te kaieke tohora 2002 Niki Caro
9. Bad Taste 1987 Peter Jackson
10. What Dreams May Come 1998 Vincent Ward
11. The Quiet Earth 1985 Geoff Murphy
12. Forgotten Silver 1995 Costa Botes
13. In My Father's Den 2004 Brad McGann

14. An Angel at My Table 1990 Jane Campion
15. Strike Zone 2003 Cameron Duncan
16. Boy 2010 Taika Cohen
17. The Lost Spider Pit Sequence 2005 Peter Jackson
19. Kitchen Sink 1989 Alison Maclean
20. Eagle vs Shark 2007 Taika Cohen

21. Out of the Blue 2006 Robert Sarkies
22. Two Cars, One Night 2003 Taika Cohen
23. Rain 2001 Robert Harmon
24. Boy 2010 Taika Cohen

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Anonymous said...

'The Lord of the Rings' and 'King Kong' may have used NZ for locations, but once again, locations DO NOT make the movie. These were both US productions. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

whole thing was shot for like 5 years in new zealand and peter jackson was born there. Idiot

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the first comment. When looking for a NZ film it really has to be about kiwis made by kiwis.

LOTR and King Kong simply showcase the NZ scenery and half of it is CGI anyway. It may be Directed by Peter Jackson of NZ and filmed in NZ but it is financed by Americas Warner Bros. made with Americans in mind.

Anonymous said...

Agree, there is more to NZ cinema than one Peter Jackson.

The best NZ movie for me is Goodbye Pork Pie. Closely followed by Sleeping Dogs. Neither of these made this list.

Other fantastic films that I would include on this list are: Utu, Smash Palace and Sione's Wedding.

Curios also that the Piano didn't make the list, not that I'm a huge fan, but it was lauded by critics the world over.

Anonymous said...

LOTR and King Kong being NZ films? .. As a NZer I really can't decide. Is finance what determines nationality of a film? And if it did how much because NZ did provide some of the finance (and changed laws!) to allow it to be filmed here.
"about Kiwis made by kiwis"- I think what a film is ABOUT is irrelivant in this decision but who makes it isn't and much of the cast and crew were Kiwis- including the crew that modified the scenery using CGI.
Something like this causes a great debate and one I just can't decide which way to lean.
(Give it time and the Aussies will find a way to claim it as theres :p )

There are, sadly, some good Kiwi films missing as mentioned by others.

Obat darah tinggi said...

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Anonymous said...

Surely it's the creative talent that determines whether it is a New Zealand film. LOTR are New Zealand films, made in New Zealand, produced and directed by a New Zealanders. Weta workshop is in New Zealand. Indisputably Kiwi films.

Anonymous said...

Lord of The Rings was crap. Give it back to the Americans!

Anonymous said...

It never belonged to the Americans , ffs