Best Movies from Latvia


1. Ten Minutes Older - Par desmit minutem vecaks 1978 Herz Frank
2. Emila nedarbi 1985 Varis Brasla
3. Limuzīns Jāņu nakts krāsā 1981 Jānis Streičs
4. In the Shadow of Death - Naves ena 1971 Gunars Piesis
5. Vella kalpi (1,2) 1970 Aleksandrs Leimanis
6. The Soviet Story 2008 Edvins Snore

7. The Child of Man - Cilveka berns 1991 Janis Streics
8. Is It Easy to Be Young? - Vai viegli but jaunam? 1987 Juris Podnieks

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