Best Movies from Albania (8)


1.The Lady From the Town (Zonja nga qyteti) 1976

Genre: Comedy
Director: Piro Milkani
Cast: Rajmonda Bullku, Petraq Kita, Violeta Manushi

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2. Red Poppies on the Wall (Lulekuqet mbi mure) 1976

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Genre: Drama
Director: Dhimiter Anagnosti
Cast: Enver Dauti, Timo Flloko, Alfred Kote

3. The Storm (Fortuna) (1959)

Genre: Documentary
Director: Kristaq Dhamo
Cast: Nikolai Gritsenko, Ariadna Shengelaya, Pjetër Gjoka

4. Thread Expected (Fije qe priten) (1976)

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Genre: Action
Director: Muharrem Fejzo
Cast: Kadri Roshi, Roza Anagnosti, Astrit Çerma

5. A Tale From the Past (Perralle Nga e Kaluara) (1987)

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Genre: Comedy
Director: Dhimiter Anagnosti
Cast: Elvira Diamanti, Robert Ndrenika, Xhevdet Ferri

6. The Great Warrior Skanderbeg (Skenderbeu) (1953)

Genre: Drama
Director: Sergei Yutkevich
Cast: Akaki Khorava, Besa Imami, Adivie Alibali

7. Slogans (2001)

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Genre: Comedy
Director: Gjergj Xhuvani
Cast: Agim Qirjaqi, Niko Kanxheri, Artur Gorishti

8. The Sadness of Mrs. Snajdrova (Smutek pani Snajdrove) (2008)

Genre: Drama
Director: Eno Milkani
Cast: Anna Geislerova, Nik Xhelilaj, Barbora Stepanova

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